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Genuine Youth Leadership

MCY develops the leadership of local youth within our organization and community. As key stakeholders, youth are setting the agenda while learning the issues and skills they need to succeed here and wherever they go in life. An MCY member organization, Youth Leadership Academy, is the primary vehicle through which leadership skills are developed. We support this organization with resources, space, and staffing.

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Youth Opportunity

We all know that youth need things to do. Young people deserve opportunities to socialize, recreate, gain work experience, and contribute to their communities. MCY has is working with Youth Leadership Academy to assure that we support youth in creating the kinds of opportunities they need, from fun events to professional development. We, partnering with the Town of Nederland, also created the Nederland Youth Board. This civic board will operate like any other local board within local government’s decision-making processes. As the youth engage on issues, they are making sure youth perspectives are included in our debates and conversations while learning civic skills related to policy and administration, community development, community engagement, advocacy, and more.

Social-Emotional Learning

The transition from elementary school to middle school, and then the transition from middle school to high school are critical and often challenging developmental periods. In communities where many young people leave as they get older, this is especially true. Young people are more resilient, happier, and more successful when they develop emotional intelligence, self-regulation, and the ability to ask for what they need. MCY prioritizes social emotional learning as a key to continuity from k-12.

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